Conference interpreting
In Your Words’ professional linguists offer Italian interpreting and translation services including:

•    Conference interpreting services
•    Meeting and negotiations interpreting

In a standard simultaneous interpreting environment, In Your Words' interpreters work in pairs in a sound-proof booth, separate to the main meeting for which your interpreting and translation services are required.   

Whilst a speaker talks, our interpreters simultaneously provide an oral translation of what is being said.  The audience can listen to the translation live through their headsets.

Our professional translators must work in a booth equipped with a high quality console, headsets and a microphone to optimise clarity.  We rotate teams every 20-30 minutes to ensure a consistent quality of interpretation.

In Your Words is also able offer another type of simultaneous interpreting called ‘chuchotage’ or “whispered interpreting”, where the interpreter whispers the interpretation directly to the members of the audience who require it.  This technique is ideal for small groups.

If you wish to have a larger audience, a tour guide system called bidule may be perfect for your needs.

Language combinations available:

•  English into Italian
• Spanish into italian

If you require an Italian into English conference interpreter, we can recommend you a number of trusted colleagues.

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