Face to face interpreting
Business meetings can be intense. All parties want to get the best outcome for themselves, and negotiations can be long and tiring. Even more so when you don't speak the same language. A missing word, a small misunderstanding can quickly escalate  and jeopardise years of work.

Here at In Your Words we have years of experience in English-Italian interpreting for international business meetings, important contract negotiations, interviews. We take care of translating your message in the most accurate way, so you can concentrate on what you do best with ease of mind.

If you have never worked with interpreters before, we will guide you prior to your meeting in relation to how you can get the best results from our face to face interpreting service. We recommend that a speaker talks for a limited time, (as previously agreed with the interpreter), after which the interpreter renders their speech in the required language. This ensures that all parties have adequate opportunity to respond effectively and get the best from your communications.

To accurately translate and interpret during proceedings, your interpreter will take notes whilst the participants speak.

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