Maybe you wish to sell your product or service in Italy, but you speak no Italian.

Maybe you have an extremely technical legal or financial text you need to translate for an Italian client.

Or maybe you are organising a conference and have Italian participants, or have a crucial business meeting with your Italian partners.

This is exactely what we specialise in, let us help you with that!

Welcome to In Your Words’ Italian Interpreting and Translation Services from English, Spanish and French.

I am Cristina Demurtas, Italian translator and interpreter in London. Together with my colleague Gaia Tocci, based in Rome, I offer services for businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals in the UK and Europe.

Whether you are a business spreading your net abroad and dealing with an Italian contractor, setting up your business overseas or negotiating sensitive investments in the UK, Italy, Spain, France or other EU nation, attention to detail, effective communication and accuracy are essential for the outcome of your negotiations.

In Your Words offers you a range of English, Spanish and French  translation and interpreting services into Italian, tailored around your specific needs, with the professionalism your business deserves, combined with a friendly, personal approach that will help you achieve the results you need every time.

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