Whether you are a business spreading your net abroad and dealing with an Italian contractor, setting up your business overseas or negotiating sensitive investments with an Italian business partner, attention to detail, effective communication and accuracy are essential for the outcome of your negotiations.

Business Interpreting

Let me help you negotiate with your Italian supplier

Build strong and profitable business relationships with your Italian partners.

Italian Document Translation

Benefit from specialist translation of legal, commercial and financial documents and business correspondence with 100% accuracy.

Increase consumer confidence with expert Italian translation of product technical guides & manuals.

Conference Interpreting

English – Italian simultaneous Interpreting for multilingual attendees at local and international conferences or seminars

Accurate, real-time English -Italian interpreting for conference calls, from the comfort of your office, wherever you are.

Certified Italian Translation

Valid both in the UK and in Italy

Get Help with official passport, citizenship and driving licence applications.

Benefit from fast & official certified translations of birth, marriage, and divorce certificates.

Proofreading and Quality Checking

Is your brand’s message getting lost in translation? Simple spelling and grammar mistakes in your Italian marketing material can undermine your company’s credibility.

I can provide native Italian proof-reading of your current Italian texts.

Effective and accurate communication Precision Effectiveness Confidentiality

Effective and accurate communication is essential in today's fast-paced world. It is paramount to ensure that your message is conveyed clearly and concisely, to avoid confusion and ambiguity. Moreover, precision is key in communication. Your words must be accurate and specific, leaving no room for interpretation. In addition to precision, effectiveness is equally important. Your message must not only be clear but should also achieve the intended objective. Communicating effectively requires an understanding of your audience and adapting your message to suit their needs. Confidentiality is also a critical aspect of communication. You must uphold the privacy of your audience and protect sensitive information at all times. By honing your communication skills and utilizing precise, effective, and confidential communication strategies, you can build stronger relationships, avoid misunderstandings, and achieve your objectives effortlessly.

Why choose me?

Cristina Demurtas
Cristina Demurtas

You need a trusted language expert to solve your business problems.

I will never disclose your personal or business information.

I only offer services in the fields I can deliver top notch result.

Clear communication, honest fees and flexibility.


It was well prepared, also other participants from Italy said it was good work with her good character and language skills (she did English-Italian simultaneous interpreting). Thank you Cristina. Please work for us again in the future.
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Ken Yasuoka, Shumei
Cristina The communication with Cristina, previous to the job was excellent. She explained everything to me and provided all the information I needed. She did a very good job with the translation I required, so I highly recommend her.
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Elisabetta V.
Cristina was very professional. She completed my translation quickly and efficiently and was very communicative throughout. I recommend Cristina highly for any English<->Italian translation requirements!
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Jon F.