Interpreting and Translation Services

Christina Demurtas


Professional language expert providing accurate and reliable interpreting and translation services.

Business Interpreting

Business meetings are intense. There is a lot at stake and each party wants to get the best outcome for themselves. Negotiations can be long and frustrating. Even more so, when your interlocutor does not speak English to the highest standard. A misheard word or figure, or a small misunderstanding can quickly jeopardise months of work.

By hiring me to facilitate your business negotiation, you will make sure your message is conveyed in the most accurate way, so you can focus on what you do best with ease of mind. I have over 10 years of experience in English-Italian interpreting for international business meetings, important contract negotiations, presentations, site inspections, machinery installation.

If you have never worked with interpreters before, I will guide you prior to your meeting in relation to how you can get the best results from our face to face interpreting service.

Italian Document Translation

Trade with Italy with a total peace of mind, while I translate your business documents for you. These include, but are not limited to:

Business, commercial, financial and legal translations:

I offer legal and document translation services across a range of industries. I can help translate into Italian:

- Commercial contracts, NDAs
- Budget reports, tender projects, financial statements and consolidated financial accounts
- Sales and Purchase agreements and Notary deeds
- Commercial correspondence
- Technical guides

Conference Interpreting

This is also known as simultaneous interpreting and is available for

Multi-lingual conferences and seminars
• International meetings

Focus groups In a standard simultaneous interpreting environment, interpreters work in pairs in a sound-proof booth, equipped with a high-quality console, headsets and a microphone to optimise clarity and separate to the main meeting room for which your interpreting services are required.

Whilst a speaker talks, interpreters simultaneously provide an oral translation of what is being said. The delegates can listen to the translation live through their headsets.

We rotate teams every 20-30 minutes to ensure a consistent quality of interpretation.

In certain circumstances, you can also take advantage of another type of simultaneous interpreting called ‘chuchotage’ or “whispered interpreting”, where the interpreter whispers the interpretation directly to the members of the audience who require it. This technique is ideal for small groups.

If you wish to have a larger audience, a tour guide system called bidule may be perfect for your needs.

Language combinations available:
• English into Italian and vice versa
• Spanish into Italian and vice versa

Should you require other language combinations for a multilingual conference, I will be happy to help you organise your event, thanks to an extensive network of trusted interpreters.

Certified Italian Translation

To help you with your document applications and legal proceedings, I offer expert Italian certified translations of legal documents such as:

• Passports, ID cards and Driver’s licences
• Higher education diplomas and certificates
• Birth, marriage and divorce certificates
• Divorce settlements
• Criminal records and proceedings
• Insurance policies

- Court judgements
• Deeds and Apostilles

Aside from certified translations valid in the UK, I also offer sworn translations (traduzioni asseverate) valid in Italy.

Proofreading and Quality Checking

It is extremely easy for subtleties of language and meaning to be lost with ineffective translation services, or worse, for glaring mistakes to undermine your credibility when communicating with written correspondence, reports or other professional documents.

To increase your company’s credibility, I can provide native Italian proofing of your current marketing material. I can proofread everything from brochures to your current web copy, and technical manuals.

I can also quality check important communications sent between employees, suppliers, and company stakeholders and well as corporate documents.

I will proofread your Italian written work, checking for: appropriate vocabulary, phraseology and idioms, accurate punctuation and grammar.